Friday, January 30, 2015

Language Setting


Starkey: ProHear 32-bit


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The following features are contained in our office system comparison:

Languages Supported

available in U.S. English, Canadian English and U.K. English

Detachable Client Workstation

ProHear 32-bit O.M.S. does not support this feature.

Multiple Site Locations

The ProHear 32-bit O.M.S. is equally adept at running in a WAN, LAN or P2P environment. Options for scheduled downloads and managing multiple companies are available. For more information please see Contact under Starkey.

Customized Reports

While ProHear offers over 100 reports to choose from, we realize that you may want a report with different data or format to fit your business needs. To accomplish this we compliment our software package with a robust third party report writer to meet your needs!

Mail Merge/General Marketing

With over twenty-five queries to choose from and sub-sorting capabilities for each query, the Direct Mail module of ProHear is feature enhanced. Choose your output from labels, reports or integrate with Microsoft Word for customized letters or postcards. All this plus a built in scheduler for planned mailings and tracking of advertisements.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Searching past First and Last name is easy with ProHear. Here are just some examples of the fields you can search on: Date of Birth, Serial Number, H.A. Model, Invoice Number, Patient Number, H.A. Repair Number, H.A. Style and more!

Accounting Tools

Integrated with QuickBooks®, a few clicks of your mouse and your financial data is updated in seconds! ProHear also allows the ability to customize your chart of accounts to match your existing setup. Don’t use QuickBooks, that’s okay, with our reconciliation report you can generate this on-demand and then post to your preferred accounting package.

Electronic Claims

ProHear facilitates the practice of EDI. Partnering with a nationally known clearing house, sending, tracking and processing claims is easier than ever.

Audiological Measurement Activities

The Video Otoscopy module of ProHear combines digital patient and ear photos with voice recognition software to drive the application or record session notes. All of which can be printed on command!

Appointment Scheduler / Calendar

ProHear offers a robust scheduler and calendar as a compliment to our Office Management system. With features like Appointment Confirmation Letter, Scripted Follow-Up Sequences, Wait List, Flexibility to schedule by Office, Specialists, Service or First Available and Automatic Outcome Status Updates. All this and more are offered in our Appointment Scheduler/Calendar module!

Purchasing and Inventory Management

Using ProHear’s Inventory module in conjunction with our Order Tracking mechanism allows you to easily track and reorder stock inventory such as BTE instruments, batteries and other ancillary items. Whether you have one, three or five offices, managing your inventory with ProHear is quick and easy.

HIPAA Compliance Tools

With features to track Consent/Release Agreements, Statement of Privacy, Application Screen Saver and more ProHear certainly supports HIPAA and makes a consorted effort to keep patient information confidential.

Advanced System Security

ProHear allows for the customizable access of users on a module-by-module basis with rights ranging from; “No Access”, “View Only”, “Modify” and “Full”. Additionally, user rights for “Supervisor” and “Viewing Costs” are all part of the Advanced System Security of ProHear.

Additional Features

Battery Club (Prepaid and Pay as you go plan). Track multiple addresses, phone numbers and email accounts for patients/prospects. Launch manufacturer fitting and measurement modules. Integrated accounts receivable, track payments, credits, refunds, adjustments and write-offs all from one screen. Unlimited (free) phone support.