Audiogram Module – Beta 2 is on the way!

 by Project Director Arild Rasmussen


HIMSA is pleased to announce that in March, we will release the new Noah 4 Audiogram Module for a second round of beta testing.

Late last year, HIMSA conducted the first round of beta testing on the Audiogram Module, and received a lot of excellent feedback from our Noah User Group (NUG) members. Since then we have been hard at work including many of your ideas and suggestions. These include:

  • A configurable Pure Tone Average feature
  • The ability to add, edit, delete and order tests in your test lists
  • easy switching between phones and insert phones
  • easily copy your audiogram from one ear to the other
  • improved print reports
  • usability improvements to the software design, and much more.

Our goal is to provide all the features you need most, while making them very easy to find and use.

Have we succeeded?

We’d love to hear your opinion. Stop by the HIMSA booth (447) at AudiologyNOW! in Orlando and take a look at the new Audiogram Module.

Better yet, join the Noah User Group (NUG) and sign up to be a Audiogram Module beta tester.