Audiogram Module Beta II – the results are in!

 by Scott Peterson, V.P. of New Product Development


First, let me offer a big thank you to the Noah users who have used their valuable time to help us beta test the Audiogram Module. Your help and feedback are greatly appreciated.

Over 270 users in all have helped us to beta test the Audiogram Module, providing us with great feedback and many good insights. Here is an overview on what we have learned so far.

Integrating data with Noah

Over 92% of our survey respondents use a Noah compatible audiometer, and a large majority of these users have already integrated them with Noah. This means that their audiometric data is automatically added to the Noah database.

However a surprising number of respondents with a Noah compatible audiometer continue to manually enter the results. The main reason given was that they did not know it was possible to automatically store the data in the Noah database.

If you currently have an audiometer that is not integrated with Noah, contact the manufacturer. If you have a Noah compatible audiometer, integrating with Noah is simpler than you think.

What kinds of measurement data do Noah users collect?

Not surprisingly, over 97 percent of our respondents collect Audiometric data.

However, a majority also collected Impedance data (75%), Real Ear Measurement (65%) and Hearing Instrument Test data (54%).

Other types of collected measurement data include Video Otoscopy (44%), Otoacoustic Emissions (42%), Auditory Brainstem Response (27%) and Loudness Scaling (7%).

Was the new Audiogram Module easier to use?

Our respondents seem to think so. Of the 273 respondents, over 80 percent were ready to switch from NOAHaud 3 module. Most of the remaining respondents could not switch due to technical considerations.

Survey respondents also indicated that the Audiogram Module was much more intuitive than the NOAHaud 3 module. A large majority were able to quickly locate the module’s features and settings.

Corrections and suggestions

We are glad to report that no major issues have been discovered in the beta test. However, respondents have sent us several minor corrections and suggestions for improvements.

HIMSA will get to work soon on the final fixes and corrections for a final Audiogram Module release.

We encourage you to keep your feedback coming. We are always grateful for your input.