Be a NUG, join the Noah User Group

 by Kim Madsen, Director of Market Research


Hi, my name is Kim Madsen,

… and I want to be a representative in your country.

Maybe it doesn’t sound so glamorous, but NUGs perform an important role - helping HIMSA understand how hearing professionals work.

What is a NUG?

First and foremost, NUGs are hearing care professionals who deal with Noah in one way or another. If Noah is a part of your daily work, you are the perfect choice to contribute to future Noah developments.
Put simply, a NUG is willing to devote a small amount of time to help us improve Noah software.

What do you get out of it?

NUGs are rewarded in several ways:

  • The most important benefit for a NUG is better Noah software for your practice!
  • You also influence what features should be considered developed, and in what order!
  • If you are the curious type, you may appreciate:
    • survey summaries of selected results, making you a little more knowledgeable about the industry!
    • sneak peeks at new Noah versions and features well before release time!
  • Though you of course should not join NUG because of gifts, HIMSA would still like to show our appreciation by occasionally raffling a free Noah License, a NOAHlink or maybe even an iPad (Winners will be picked randomly among survey respondents).

Does it take a lot of time to be a NUG?

No. On average, a “NUG Daily user” member can expect to receive a 5-15 minute survey about once every three months.

Your first task

Should you choose to accept the invitation, within the next month I will send out the first general survey to NUG members. This survey will help us better define the different types of Noah users around the world.

Sign Up Today!

Noah System 4 is our most user friendly software to date. However, with your help, we know we can make it even better.

To sign up, click here. Or go to our website and choose Noah User Group under the About HIMSA menu.

Remember, your contact information will only be used for NUG purposes and will never be shared with any company outside of HIMSA.

Be the first to imagine, be a….