Final Reminder: NOAH 3 Support Ends October 1st 2013

  by Support Specialist Ann Monnens


As reported earlier, HIMSA has officially set the NOAH 3 end of support date to September 30, 2013. This will allow us to concentrate all our support and training efforts on Noah 4 products.

This means that after this date:

  • HIMSA will no longer provide 2nd level NOAH 3 support to our distributors.
  • The NOAH 3 support materials on our website will be removed.
  • You will not be able to download NOAH 3 licenses from HIMSA’s website. (However, you will still be able to upgrade NOAH 3 Licenses to Noah 4.)
  • Modules written for NOAH 3 will only be tested and certified with Noah 4.
  • HIMSA will no longer perform extensive NOAH 3 upgrade testing when we release new versions of Noah 4.

Noah 4 has been on the market for well over two years, and has been praised from the start for both its stability and usability.

Therefore, if you currently own NOAH 3, we highly suggest that you plan the free upgrade to Noah 4 soon. You’ll be glad you did.