Future Features Series: Customizable Data Fields

 by Product Manager Søren Kristensen


Thanks to the Noah User Group (NUG), HIMSA has received lots of feedback on exciting new features and improvements to add to future versions of Noah System and Noah basic modules.

We would like to introduce you to the features that you can look forward to, thanks to our NUG members.

This month’s future feature is: Customizable Data Fields

The Feedback

Many NUG members need to store additional patient data in Noah. However, the data needs differ widely from Noah user to Noah user. For example, one user might need an additional field for storing additional contact information while another user might wish to record more information on the patient's hearing instrument.

The Solution

Noah 4.4 provides two patient data fields, Other 1 and Other 2.

These two fields are customizable. This means that you can use these fields as you wish, and edit the names of these fields to reflect the needs of your practice.


For example you can change the name of the Other 1 field to Additional Accessories. You can then use the field to list any additional hearing related accessories for the patient, such as assistive listening devices or a wireless gateway.


And if you have a focus on pediatric testing, you could change the name of the Other 2 field to Parent Name. Then you could use this field to store the name of the child's parent.


Other examples include:


  • Extra hearing instrument information, such as  the type of RIC receiver(s), tubes, domes ect. That are being used in conjunction with the current hearing instrument
  • a special file reference number, such as a link to a paper file or other computer based system ID
  • the name of a patient's spouse
  • a nickname or patients preferred name (e.g. Robert = Bob)
  • Batteries / type of hearing instrument batteries
  • and more.

Customizable fields is only one of many great suggestions from our NUG members. If you want to be a part of NUG, click here for more information.