Have you tried the Noah 4.4 Category feature yet?

  by Support Specialist Ann Monnens


Noah 4.4’s Category feature allows you to assign and quickly locate specific categories of patients for evaluation or marketing purposes.

You may want to locate patients living in a specific area, or groups of patients that participate in specific jobs or activities, or create and assign patients to a category based on their hearing loss.

The new feature allows you to easily create all the patient categories you need in Noah and to edit, order, and delete categories as necessary. A patient can be added to as many categories as necessary. A patient’s details screen will clearly show to which categories the selected patient belongs.

Categories are searchable using Advanced Search and results of the search can be exported in Noah format for off-site use, or to comma-separated file for marketing purposes.

This new Noah 4.4 feature is accessed from within Noah when either adding a new patient or editing existing records, by selecting Categories.

To see the Category feature in more detail, visit the Learning Center and view the tutorial Noah 4.4 Categories.