Introducing the New Audiogram Module - Simple and Effective

HIMSA will soon be releasing the new Audiogram Module for Noah 4.

The most important feature with the new Audiogram Module is not something we put in, but what we took out … the menu system!

“NOAHaud 3 is packed with options for configuring the module for different situations,” said Scott Peterson. “Unfortunately, many of these features are rarely or never used, while some of the most wanted features are buried away deep in the menu system.”

So after closely working with usability consultant UID and interviewing Noah users, we made a radical decision.

“We found out which features were used by Noah users on a daily basis,” said Peterson. “Then we put these features directly on the main screen, only a click away. Suddenly, the menu was no longer needed.”

For example, you can compare two audiograms with a single click. Or add a speech spectrum underlay for the audiogram from a pull-down menu on the main screen.

The new Audiogram Module for Noah 4 is now in the final stages of end user testing by Noah User Group (NUG) members, and will be released within the next two months.

In the meantime, if you will be attending AudiologyNOW!, please stop by booth 1407. We will be happy to give you a full demonstration.