New Noah Module/Mobile App: Auditory Implant Initiative


HIMSA is pleased to announce a new Noah Module/Mobile App from our newest member, the Auditory Implant Initiative. 

The Auditory Implant Initiative, a non-profit organization based in Wichita Falls, Texas, is dedicated to improving cochlear implant care through research, collaboration and outreach. 

”By working together with our member facilities,” said Anne Lam, Executive Director & Database Manager, ”the Auditory Implant Initiative aims to extend the reach of cochlear implants to a larger demographic, while capturing valuable patient data to further optimize the overall patient care process.”

HERMES - A Powerful Tool

To reach these goals, the Auditory Implant Initiative developed HERMES (HIPAA-secure Encrypted Research Management Evaluation Solution). 


HERMES is a care management software platform which can be accessed from any updated web browser or now through the HERMES Noah Application.

”HERMES helps hearing professionals coordinate cochlear implant care with other providers, track patients within their practice and contribute information to an ever growing database to be used for analytics and research,” said Lam.

Power in Numbers

However, HERMES is only as powerful as it’s community. Only through the work of its dedicated member practices can the Auditory Implant Initiative make a difference. 

To be a member, Cochlear Implant practices agree to provide their implant related data, in anonymized form, to the learning community. In return they gain access to the powerful HERMES data management platform that absorbs, tracks and shares standardized information in a HIPAA-secure manner to all members of the implant team, regardless of geographic location or institutional affiliation. 

By working together and combining their data, members can use HERMES to:

  • Strengthen their referral networks through data sharing 
  • Contribute to an ever-growing body of data that can be used to improve cochlear implant care
  • Track clinical outcomes in their practice
  • Query all patient data within their facility
  • Gain access to flexible patient reports

Noah – a powerful new partner

Since joining HIMSA just six months ago, the Auditory Implant Initiative has already completed development of their new Noah Module/Mobile compatible HERMES application. 


”Integration with Noah is a significant step in reaching our goal,” said Lam.”The new app makes it a snap to enter Noah data into HERMES. It also allows hearing centers to screen Noah audiograms for potential cochlear implant candidates.”

By ensuring a greater pool of data in HERMES, the Auditory Implant Initiative is well on its way to acheiving their vision of becoming the world’s largest cochlear implant learning community.

There is no cost to join the Auditory Implant Initiative. Learn more at their website,