Noah 4.4 Printed Report Customization

  by Support Specialist Ann Monnens


Noah System 4.4 introduces a new feature that allows users to customize and select the demographic fields that are included in the Noah Patient report. Not only can you have your business name and logo on the report header, you can also choose up to eight demographic fields you would like to display on the report.

In addition, Noah System 4.4 offers two customizable fields that you can choose to include.

Below is an example of a Noah Patient report customized to include Patient Name, Address, Referral, and a custom field, Audiologist:

This new Noah 4.4 feature is accessed from within Noah by selecting File, Print, and Print Report Setup.

To see the customization options in more detail, visit the Learning Center and view the tutorial Noah 4.4 Printed Report Customization.