Noah 4.7: Time to Upgrade Your Noah System?

 by Arild Rasmussen, Project Director 

Over the last few years HIMSA has added several new features to Noah System, making it quicker and easier to work with your patients and patient data.

Here are some of the great reasons to upgrade to the latest Noah System version.

Fast Data Viewing
In Noah System 4.7 (to be released next month), HIMSA has added a new Fast Data Viewing feature, providing you with immediate access to patient data without opening your Noah modules!

If your Noah module supports Fast Data Viewing, you will see an eye icon next to the module action in the Sessions list.

By clicking on the eye icon next to a fitting action for example, you can review instrument settings without having to wait for the fitting module to open! Or click the eye icon next to a Journal Module action to quickly browse the patient’s journal entry.

Noah Mobile
HIMSA has also added Noah Mobile functionality to Noah System 4.5 and later.

Simply put, Noah Mobile lays the groundwork for Noah compatible apps on your mobile devices, such as iOS and Android tablets. This means that in the future, it will be possible for you to use mobile apps from HIMSA member companies to work with patients in your Noah 4 database.

 Potentially these apps can include everything from fitting and measurement apps to journal and questionnaire apps, ordering apps, telemedicine apps and more.

Patient Categories
Noah System also includes a comprehensive category feature, allowing you to create, assign and search based on user-defined patient categories.

For example, you can use patient categories to help locate groups of patients living in specific areas or locations, such as a nursing home. Or you can create categories for specific jobs or activities, allowing you to effectively tailor marketing campaigns.

Easily add a patient to as many categories as necessary. A patient’s details screen will clearly show the categories to which the patient belongs. And displaying and exporting patients based on categories is easy.
User-Customizable Data Fields
Noah provides two customizable patient data fields, Other 1 and Other 2, for storing additional user-defined patient data.

Quickly Locate Recent Patients
Starting with Noah 4.4, you can quickly see your 10 most recent patients, right on the Noah startup screen!

New Advanced Search Options
Noah provides new and useful ways for locating patients, based on the routines and needs of their practice. These include Birthday Range search, Journal module entries search, patient category search –and more.

New Noah Report Options
Noah 4 now allows you to tailor your Noah report, adding up to eight fields of patient information. In addition, each Noah user can add a digital signature at the bottom of the report.

Noah News Feed
Keep informed on important Noah issues, with quick access to information such as Noah product releases, new tutorials, tips on using Noah, upcoming product features and more.

Personalize with Patient Photos
A picture says 1000 words. That’s why you can now include a patient photo with each Noah patient record.

Noah 4.7 is a free upgrade for all registered Noah 4 versions.