Noah 4 Advanced Search

  by Support Specialist Ann Monnens


The Advanced Search feature in Noah 4 makes the Noah database reviewable in ways that have not been possible in the past.

Over the years the ability to make better use of the data accumulated in the Noah database has been an oft-requested feature enhancement for Noah.

In addition to traditional search criteria the Noah Advanced Search feature allows the Noah user to search the database for:

Patient Activity with the ability to define by date recent activity or last activity date:

Hearing Loss with the ability to query the database for hearing loss per frequency:

Search with multiple criteria

Further refine the search results by using multiple criteria. For example, first query the database for all records with no activity for 2 years. Next, search that result for hearing loss with thresholds between 60 and 100dB at 4k.

The results of any Search can be exported for use in another Noah installation or to a .csv file which can be viewed in Microsoft Excel.

A full demonstration of the Noah 4 Advanced Search capability can be found at the Noah 4 Knowledgebase Learning Center.