Noah 4 Audiogram to be installed with Noah System 4.5

  by Support Specialist Ann Monnens

In November HIMSA will be releasing Noah 4.5. This version of Noah has several updates, but one of the most noticeable to end users will be that Noah System 4.5 will install the Noah 4 Audiogram Module. This Audiogram Module has been available for download on the HIMSA website since its release in September 2014, but with Noah 4.5 it will be installed automatically.

Users can take advantage of the Audiogram Module’s features:

  • Support to indicate insert phones or phones
  • Compare the current audiogram to another with a single click
  • Pure Tone Average display and configuration
  • Configurable print report
  • Easily add and edit tests, and more

The Noah 4 Audiogram Module will replace the NOAHaud 3 module that has been in use for many years. If you would like the option of both modules on the module bar, you can reinstall the NOAHaud 3 module from the HIMSA website here.

Look for more on the Noah System 4.5 update in November!