Noah 4 User Story: Sven Larsen

  Sven Larsen


Sven Larsen and the Hearing Clinic of St. Cloud have a long standing relationship with Noah.

Located in St. Cloud, Minnesota, the Hearing Clinic of St. Cloud Ear, Nose and Throat has provided hearing services since 1966. The clinic has grown to serve a large portion of central Minnesota, and now has five Ear, Nose and Throat Physicians, six Audiologists, a Speech Pathologist and three Audiology assistants.

“I remember initially when we had a Noah PC on a rolling cart that we would take from room to room and program hearing aids,” said Larsen. “With the help of an IT specialist, we were able to network one of the earliest version of Noah, within our main clinic, for a common database. This was before Noah was developed for networks.”

A Natural NUG

With all that experience, Sven Larsen was a natural addition to the Noah User Group (NUG).

“I was fortunate enough to be included on the workgroup in the development stages of Noah 4,” said Larsen. “It was exciting to work with audiologists from all over the world and share ideas on how we could improve the software.”

The Hearing Clinic also had the opportunity to test the Noah System 4 beta version, and they were one of the first sites to network Noah 4 between two offices, from an outreach clinic to the central database at their main clinic.

Currently the Hearing Clinic has Noah 4 running on 24 workstations in their main clinic and three outreach clinics.

The Verdict: Reliable Software that works

After years of working with Noah software, what does Larsen think of the new Noah 4?

“I have been impressed with the product from the start,” said Larsen. “In the beta version we found very few bugs and the ones we found were resolved quickly.”

Just as important, Noah 4 is very easy to use.

“Noah is developed in a manner that is consistent with other software and it allows for flexibility to personalize it,” said Larsen. “Finding patient information is fast and easy. I like the search capability. I also like the layout and the ability to arrange the modules on the top of the page.”

Last but not least, Noah 4 technology also offers new options to securely share patient data between offices.

“I really like the way we can now obtain patient information from Noah 4 at our outreach clinics,” said Larsen. “I am also surprised at how fast the system works when we are in outreach clinics. After the patient data is loaded there are no delays in using Noah 4 or the modules.”

The Verdict:

“I would absolutely recommend Noah 4 to other hearing care professionals,” said Larsen. “It is reliable software that works.”

“I also think it is unique that an industry can come together and use a product like Noah 4,” continued Larsen. “This allows us have greater flexibility in the way we fit hearing aids and this ultimately is a benefit to the patient.”

Making Great Software Even Better

Does Larsen have any suggestions for improving Noah 4?

Of course he does!

“I would like a better audiogram module that will produce a PDF audiogram that we can customize for our clinic’s needs, said Larsen. “We would be able to put our audiometric data directly into Noah 4, print the data to a PDF file and directly import to the clinic’s Electronic medical records system.”

“It would also be nice if we could update hearing aid programming software on one device instead of updating every workstation,” continued Larsen. “In a large clinic like ours, that would cut down on a lot of time spent updating software.”

HIMSA is very happy to receive Noah suggestions from Sven Larsen and all Noah users worldwide. If you would also like to make your voice heard, we encourage you to be a NUG by joining our Noah User Group. For more information, click here.