Noah 4 User Story: Tina Kenney, HIS

  Tina Kenney, HIS


Tina Kenney knows the importance of keeping down costs.

As a hearing instrument specialist at Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Center in Louisville Kentucky, Kenney has helped support affordable help for hundreds of hearing-impaired children.

“We are part of Easter Seals and are a not for profit organization,” said Kenney. “100% of the purchase goes back to help subsidize therapy for children at our facility.“

So when she heard she could upgrade to Noah 4 for free, she jumped at the chance.

“I got a notice from Unitron for a free upgrade from my NOAH 3 and was very excited to try it, said Kenney. “I had some problems with the earlier version and was told that this upgrade would be beneficial to me.”

After one year of using Noah 4, she is very happy she took their advice.

“They were correct!” exclaimed Kenney. “Love it! Have not any glitches so far.”

More than Just Reliable

However, Noah 4’s improved stability and reliability were just the beginning. Kenney soon found a lot of other great features to fall in love with.

“I love the look, advanced search, ease of backing up data, export and import is fantastic, manufacturer bar, Noah journal and the ease it works with OtoSuite,” explained Kenney. “The serial numbers and hearing aid information in the split view are great as well.”

The Advanced Search feature has proven to be an excellent tool for Kenney’s marketing tasks.


“You can search by manufacturer, hearing aid type, fit date and hearing loss,” said Kenney. “I can export the data to an Excel spread sheet and immediately do a mailing to the people I wish to market. Fantastic!”

How Kenney Uses Noah

Kenney uses Noah System 4 in a network setup, which allows here to share her Noah patient database with all her Noah computers.

”It is great to be able to use my computer audiometer and save the data. I then go into our fitting/consultation room and have all my information there to start a demo or to discuss their test results immediately. I use the audiogram as a consultation tool and then go right into fitting.”

Would she recommend Noah 4 to other hearing care professionals?

“Absolutely!!!!!!!! Just keep up the excellent work!"