Noah 4 reaches the 10000 milestone!

 by Product Manager Søren Kristensen


Noah 4 has reached an important milestone. After just two years on the market, over 10000 offices have now registered a Noah 4 license.

Put another way, an estimated 20000 professionals now use Noah 4 worldwide.

HIMSA would like to thank all Noah 4 users for their support in helping Noah reach this important milestone. And we encourage the remaining NOAH 3 users to move to Noah 4 as well. You’ll be glad you did.

The Customer Connection

For hearing care professionals, Noah 4 is not just software. It’s a critical tool for effectively performing day-to-day patient-related tasks.

That’s why with the introduction of Noah 4, HIMSA also started a new way of doing business.

At the start of the Noah 4 project, we brought a small but representative group of Noah users to help us. This group gave us the knowledge and insight to help make sure that Noah 4 is what professionals need.

Two years later, this customer connection has grown.

With  the Noah User Group, hundreds of Noah users have access to our surveys as well as beta versions of the Noah software. The main goal is to continue adding meaningful and useful features while maintaining the overall usability and simplicity of the Noah 4 interface.

One result of this connection is the new Audiogram Module, which we will be displaying next month at AudiologyNOW! You can see more on the Audiogram Module in this newsletter.

Other recently added Noah 4 features include a closeable patient list, WSI (web service integration), software update notifications, Windows 8 compatibility and more.

In other words, if you are still using an early version of Noah System 4, it’s well worth the time to upgrade to the latest version, Noah 4.3.

The Evolution Continues

And more projects are on the way.

HIMSA is currently working on improved versions of the Journal and Questionnaire modules.

And farther down the road, we are exploring the possibility of providing easier access to Noah data from Noah modules running on alternative devices such as tablets.

Sound exciting?

You can be a part of it by joining the Noah User Group