Future Features Series: New Advanced Search Options

 by Product Manager Søren Kristensen


Thanks to the Noah User Group (NUG), HIMSA has received lots of feedback on exciting new features and improvements to add to future versions of Noah System and Noah basic modules.

In the coming months we would like to introduce you to these features that you can look forward to, thanks to our NUG members.

This month’s future feature is: New search options in the Advanced Search.

The Feedback

The Advanced Search dialog is a powerful tool for quickly locating patients or patient groups in your database. But even the best features can get better.



Many NUG members have asked us to provide additional options for locating patients, based on the routines and needs of their practice.

“The Noah database contains a wide variety of information for each patient,” says Søren Kristensen, HIMSA product manager. “It’s exciting to hear new ways that NUG members can use this data to add value to their practice.”

The Solution

In a future release, HIMSA will add the following new options in the advanced search dialog.

Birthday Range – Many users would like to search for patients using a range of birthdays. For example, you may want to find all patients who were born in the next month, so you can send them birthday greetings. These patient records could be easily exported in comma-separated format for use in a mail merge program.

Journal module entries – Many users would also like to search through all Journal entries for all patients. This feature could be used, for example, to locate all patients where a specific keyword, such as a HI model number, is mentioned in their journal entry. Users would be able to search the subject field only or the body text of the entry as well.

Search by patient category – One of the most often requested search features is to search for patients by group. In the future, Noah users will have the possibility to assign each patient to one or more categories. This will allow you to quickly locate specific groups of patients for analysis or export.

New search features are only one of many great suggestions from our NUG members. If you want to be a part of NUG, click here for more information.

And stay tuned for more future features in the next HIMSA newsletter.