Noah System 4.8 Now Released

 by Arild Rasmussen, Project Director 


HIMSA is pleased to announce that Noah System 4.8 is now available.

Noah System 4.8 is a maintenance version with a number of performance enhancements. 

In addition, Noah 4.8 also includes the latest Noah Audiogram Module. The new Audiogram Module now supports the entry of Tympanometry and Reflex data into Noah.

Noah System 4.8 provides a new merge patient feature as well, allowing you to easily locate potential duplicate patient records in your Noah database and to merge them if necessary.

And Noah 4.8 allows you to search patients using multiple patient categories.

Noah System 4.8 is a free upgrade for licensed Noah System 4 users.  To download Noah 4.8, please visit the HIMSA download site.