Otohub and Noah Mobile: Connect with your patients, anywhere, anytime

HIMSA is excited to announce the recent Noah mobile certification of new cutting edge products from Otohub (www.otohub.com).


“Otohub was formed by medical engineers with a vision for audiometers of the future,” said Antonio Curci, Executive Director. “We believe that mobile devices will constitute the principal mode of delivering hearing healthcare due to their portability, multimedia functionalities, internet connection capability and cost.”

Using Noah Mobile technology, Otohub provides revolutionary ways to deliver remote patient services at reduced cost. And all Otohub products are ready out of the box, with a minimum of setup necessary. 



 The core of the Otohub lineup is OtoPad, the first Noah-certified, ANSI and ISO compliant, and HIPAA-compliant tablet-based audiometer. Compatible with all the professional transducers, OtoPad supports: AC/BC and Free Field, Speech Testing (SRT, SD, APD), Tinnitus Matching and much more.


However, OtoPad is more than just a mobile device. 

“It can be quickly and easily interfaced with the jack panels of your booth, and comes with TalkBack/TalkOver and Patient Response functionalities,” said Curci. “OtoPad also allows you to connect multiple transducers at the same time for more efficient operation.”


Best of all, using Noah Mobile technology, OtoPad is always ready to seamlessly sync with your Noah database. No matter where you are, you can use your Internet connection to easily and securely import and export:

  • Patient Data;
  • Audiograms and Hearing Test Results generated with OtoPad


OtoKiosk is the first fully automated and calibrated hearing kiosk, with unique powerful tools built-in for qualified lead generation. OtoKiosk is ideal for enabling clinicians to serve patients at multiple sites.

“OtoKiosk provides HIPAA-compliant storage of data as well as an integrated hearing aid simulator based on the patient’s audiogram,” said Curci. “It provides an advanced Web-portal to remotely manage kiosk functionality and leads, and even has an optional shopping cart process to sell hearing products!”

And like OtoPad, OtoKiosk uses Noah Mobile technology for Noah integration.


OtoRemote – coming soon

Building on the benefits of OtoPad, OtoRemote will provide a unique and secure tele-health solution. 

“OtoRemote is the first teleaudiology solution using only mobile devices. No additional hardware or software are required,” said Curci.

OtoRemote is especially suited for HUB and spoke medical practices as well as testing in very remote locations with very low connection speeds.

With OtoRemote, a clinician can perform diagnostic hearing tests remotely, while communicating both visually and verbally with the patient. The Otohub Communication Engine allows for telemedicine sessions within the app, without having to open third party teleconference services.

And like OtoPad and OtoKiosk, OtoRemote will use Noah Mobile technology to seamlessly sync with your Noah database.

“Otohub will showcase its products at the upcoming European event in Nuremberg, EUHA 2017, where it will be possible to see how Noah Integration works on the next generation audiometers,” Curci said. “HIMSA did a great job with Noah Mobile and its APIs and Otohub is grateful for all their support.” 

For a complete list of certified Noah Mobile apps, please visit the HIMSA website.