Results of the ENT News / NOAHlink Competition

HIMSA would like to congratulate Nilesh Dandekar, winner our recent competition in ENT News magazine. Nilesh is now the proud owner of a brand new NOAHlink.

“Thanks a lot for the NOAHlink,” said Nilesh. “I am a MSc. clinical audiologist and
I have actually been using NOAHlink the last 9 years in my clinic, Dandekar Hearing Services. I am very happy with the NOAHlink for its wireless connectivity, size and speed of programming.

Bringing his Knowledge Home

Nilesh finished his masters in audiology in 2002, and began his professional career in Australia’s National Hearing Centre.

After two years however, Nilesh decided to bring his knowledge back to India, where he started his own clinic in Pune. Now ten years later, he recently opened a second clinic.

“I started my new branch recently, so the timing couldn’t be better,” says Nilesh. “It's great to have a NOAHlink in my other clinic as well.”

Always the Latest Technology

“The goal at DANDEKAR HEARING SERVICES is to provide our clients with the latest and the BEST Hearing aid technology, to improve the quality of hearing at competitive prices and make it simple to use,” said Nilesh. “We are constantly striving to keep up to date with the latest advancements and innovations in hearing technology.”

However, the latest technology is important for the audiologist as well. Nilesh has over 10 years of experience with Noah and recently upgraded to Noah 4.

“I like everything in Noah,” said Nilesh. “The database of Noah system is really great. Some of my clients come to my clinic just for the quality of the records we maintain.”

“I highly recommend Noah System to all my hearing care professionals,” continues Nilesh. "And thanks to HIMSA and ENT NEWS for such a great prize.”