Setting up Noahlink Wireless

  by Support Specialist Ann Monnens


Noahlink Wireless is the new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless programmer available from HIMSA. 

Noahlink Wireless will enable the programming of hearing instruments wirelessly with fitting modules from HIMSA member companies that support this technology. As of March 20, 2017, there are no HIMSA certified fitting modules in the marketplace that support Noahlink Wireless but we expect that to change in the near future.

Noahlink Wireless is a simple ‘plug and play’ setup, there is no software program for Noahlink Wireless setup or support. Once a fitting module that supports NLW has been installed, the hearing professional will simply plug the unit into the PC, drivers will install or be updated, and the fitting module will search for and detect the NLW unit. 

If for some reason the drivers are not automatically installed, they are available from

The HIMSA website includes a new section on installation and support for Noahlink Wireless.

Stayed tuned and check back for updates on fitting modules that are certified to support Noahlink Wireless.