User Story: Debbie and Noah 4, One Year Later

 by Deborah Blaylock, MS, CCC-A


For Debbie Blaylock, one of the first Noah 4 beta testers, Noah 4 was love at first sight.

In the February 2011 edition of our newsletter, Ms. Blaylock exclaimed “I just wanted to again say how happy I am with Noah 4!”

But does she still feel the same one year later? We contacted Ms. Blaylock to find out.

“I have been so happy with Noah 4!!” said Blaylock. “I really can’t say enough about it! I can’t imagine having to go back to NOAH 3!”

Why is she still so excited? One of the main reasons is stability.

“I love that Noah 4 doesn’t shut down,” said Blaylock. “In the past NOAH 3 would shut down at least once every other month and I’d have to restart the entire computer to be able to get it working again. I haven’t had to do that at all since I updated to Noah 4.”

New features also play an important part.

“I love the search capabilities and the windows type of format,” explained Blaylock. “I also like the fact that we can attach documents to the patient’s chart.”

Would she recommend Noah 4 to others?

“When Noah comes up in conversation and people say that they still use NOAH 3,” said Blaylock, “ I always urge them to make the upgrade to Noah 4 as it makes everything so much easier.”