Windows 8 Support on the Way!

 by Product Manager Søren Kristensen


In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft has officially announced the release of Windows 8 in October. If you are one of the many Noah users planning to upgrade your PC to Windows 8, here are a few guidelines for you.


Noah System 4 Will Be Ready!

As a Microsoft partner company, HIMSA has been thoroughly testing Noah System 4 on pre-release versions of Windows 8. The testing is going so well that we have already built Windows 8 support into our next release, Noah System 4.3.

In other words, when Microsoft releases Windows 8, a free Noah System 4.3 upgrade will already be available on our website for download and installation.

Keep in mind that current Noah System versions (4.2 and earlier) will not install on Windows 8, so you will need to use the Noah System 4.3 download from our website.

NOAHlink is Ready!

After thorough testing, we are happy to announce that the current version of the NOAHlink software (version 1.56.03) already supports Windows 8!

If you are not already on the latest version of NOAHlink software, be sure to use the NOAHlink download from our website.

NOAH System 3 Will NOT be Supported!

NOAH System 3 versions will not be supported on Windows 8, and will not install or run on Windows 8. So if you plan to use Windows 8, then upgrade to Noah 4 today.

Prepare Now - Make a Windows 8 Checklist

Noah System and NOAHlink are only a part of the Noah software package. You must also ensure that the fitting and measurement modules as well as other audiological equipment you rely on will also run on Windows 8.

To avoid potential issues, make a check list. Then contact the manufacturers ahead of time to ensure their software offers Windows 8 support before you make the upgrade.

When Windows 8 has been released, HIMSA will begin certifying Noah modules for the Windows 8 platform.