HIMSA Certification for Fitting and Measurement Modules

The following is a list of frequently asked questions concerning the certification of fitting and measurement modules for Noah.

The main goals of the Certification Process are:

  • Help to ensure that all installed certified modules on a PC system can coexist properly
  • Modules do not adversely affect other software (e.g. Noah and other modules) in the event of a unexpected event (e.g. module locks up or crashes)
  • Modules that make use of commonly used shared hearing instrument programmers (e.g. Noahlink Wireless, NOAHlink, HI-PRO) properly release the device for use by other companies
  • Data following a HIMSA data standard (e.g. Audiogram) is stored correctly
  • Modules cannot store or otherwise act in a way that would corrupt (or give the impression) patient data.


Q. How is the testing carried out?

A. HIMSA has established a test site at which all modules are tested, thereby ensuring uniform handling of test procedures. A module is tested for its performance both during installation and during operation on a full NOAH installation with all certified software installed, and with all the necessary hardware (and hearing instruments and commonly used programmers) connected. In other words, the HIMSA test is a simulation of the dispenser's working situation where hearing instruments are fitted and measurements are recorded.


Q. What kind of computers is the software tested on?

A. The software is tested in a Noah network environment on 5 computers with different configurations. 

For Noah certifications the following operating systems are used

  • Windows 7 Professional (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows 8 Professional (64-bit
  • Windows 10 Professional (64-bit)


Q. How can you, the dispenser, benefit from the testing?

A. You benefit from a more stable and reliable system because it has been ensured that software modules running under NOAH do not interfere with each other. Especially, it will be a lot safer to update existing software modules and install new ones.


Q. Can this test program guarantee a perfect NOAH system?

A. No, the HIMSA test is not a universal guaranty that your computer or network will function faultlessly. There are so many different computer and network setups, and software applications that can run beside NOAH that HIMSA cannot give such a guarantee. It is impossible for us to test them all.


Q. How can you verify that a module is certified?

A. If the module is listed in the certification table it is certified.