How do I move a NOAH 3 database to Noah 4 on a new computer or new server?


Export from NOAH 3, Import into Noah 4

To move a NOAH 3 database to a new machine with Noah 4 you can export the NOAH 3 database to an .nha file and import the file into Noah 4 on the new machine.


  1. Export the Noah 3 data to an nha file
  2. Import into Noah 4

Data Collector Tool 

Important: No longer supported for Noah 4.5 and later, click here for details.

If you are moving a NOAH 3 database from NOAH 3 to Noah 4.4, you can still use the Data Collector Tool.

If you are using Microsoft SQL Server with NOAH 3 and need to move your NOAH 3 database to Noah 4, please read here.