Am I ready to upgrade to Noah 4?

HIMSA has worked hard to ensure that upgrading from NOAH System 3 to Noah System 4 is as easy as possible. This means that most Noah users can simply install Noah System 4 on their NOAH 3 computer and all settings, patient records, the Noah license and Noah modules will be automatically migrated.

Use the following short checklist to prepare for your Noah 4 upgrade.


Does your computer meet the Noah 4 minimum requirements?

It is always a good idea to check the minimum requirements just to be sure. You can view them by clicking here.


Which NOAH System 3 version am I currently running?

If you are using NOAH version 3.5.2 or later, the Noah 4 installation will automatically migrate your settings, patient records, Noah license and Noah modules.

To check which version of NOAH System 3 you are running, open the Help menu and choose About NOAH. If you are running version 3.1.2 or earlier, please click here for additional instructions. 


Is my measurement equipment ready for Noah 4?

Perhaps the most important thing to ensure is that your measurement equipment, such as your audiometer, will also run in Noah 4. Some measurement equipment may require a software and/or hardware update from the manufacturer in order to run with Noah 4.

We therefore suggest that you contact your measurement equipment supplier for more information on Noah 4 compatibility before you make the upgrade.


Are my NOAH 3 modules compatible with Noah 4?

The latest versions of nearly all NOAH 3 modules can also run in Noah 4. To find out if your NOAH 3 modules can run in Noah 4, use our Noah Certified Modules search list by clicking here. The certified modules page allows you to search for modules based on module name, manufacturer and/or language.

  • If you are using a NOAH 3 module version that is not certified for Noah 4, contact the manufacturer for a more recent version that can run in Noah 4.
  • In some cases, you may still be using an older 16-bit NOAH module for maintenance of discontinued hearing instrument models. In this case, you may need to maintain a separate NOAH System 3 computer to take care of these patients. The patient data can always be imported into your Noah 4 database as necessary.


Installation Video

We suggest that you take a quick look at this short 5 minute video on how to install the Noah System 4 software. It really is relatively easy to upgrade and get the benefits of Noah 4.