Software Deployment for Noah System 4

This information is provided for Noah System user sites that use a software deployment system to automatically install Noah System. The Information that is provided is made with the assumption that the reader has a technical background and experience with software deployment systems.

Note: If the installation of Noah 4 you are attempting to perform fails, remember to check the log file. This log file is created by the parameter /L+*V(plus the path and log file name). If the log file does not provide information useful to determining the issue, run the installation interactively (double click on setup.exe) so you can visually watch what is happening. The NOAH 4 installer will let you know if a prerequisite of Noah 4 is not being met.

Acceptance of the end-user license agreement (EULA)

By using a software a deployment system to deploy Noah system 4 within your company you must agree to the end-user license agreement. This acceptance can be automated by following the instructions below. Using the instructions below implies that your company has reviewed
and accepted the end-user license agreement.

Before you Begin

If you are using Noah 4.7 or higher you are able to preconfigure new workstations to point to the Noah server; this will prevent having to use Configuration Wizard at each workstation. Click here for directions.

In earlier versions, after the Noah 4 software has been installed it will need to be configured the first time Noah is launched. Upgrades do not run the configuration wizard on the first launch.

It is very important that the technician read this entire page before attempting to deploy Noah System.

Note: In the steps below, you will be bypassing some pre installation checks of the Noah 4 System Installer. It will be your responsibility for the following:
Note: After the Noah 4 System software has been installed it will still need to be configured the first time Noah is launched. Upgrades do not run the configuration wizard on the first launch. 

Notes for upgrades from NOAH 3.x: 

  1. If it is an upgrade from Noah 3 the Migration Utility will launch at the end of the install and it will need to be completed. 
  2. Is eTONA enabled? If it is enabled Noah 4 system cannot be installed. 
    How to tell if eTONA is enabled: The registry path below is for Windows 7(64-bit). If this string has a 1 for the value, you have eTONA enabled. If the value of this string is 0 eTONA is not enabled. In the example below eTONA is enabled. 


Where to get the installation files you will need to create your Noah 4 software package for distribution.

  1. Download Noah System 4.5.1 or newer from
  2. Once Noah 4 is downloaded, double left click on the self-extracting Noah4 file. 
  3. Let the Noah 4 file extract and do not close the Noah 4 system installation welcome screen. 
  4. Locate the extracted Noah 4 system directory on your desktop. Copy and paste it into a safe location. This directory will delete itself if the Noah 4 system Installation is completed. 
  5. Once you have copied the Noah 4 System Installation directory into a safe place open it up. 
  6. Go to the “Installation” directory. The Tools directory, Autorun.inf, Getting_Started.pdf, Noah.ico, Readme.htm and setup.exe can all be deleted. You only want the “Installation” directory. 
  7. The actual setup.exe you want is located in this “Installation” directory. You will need the whole Installation directory to install Noah System via a software deployment system. The whole directory is needed because other pre requisites are enclosed. 


Pre-configure new workstations to point to Noah server

If you are using Noah 4.7 or higher you can preconfigure workstations to point to server now.

Noah 4. System Installation Switches\Parameters

The Noah 4 System Installation package is an Installshield package. This package then calls an MSI file. The command below will also install HIMSA modules.

The general format for installation of Noah System with installation switches is:

 Setup.exe /s /w /v"/qn /L*vx+ \"%temp%\Noah4Installation.log\" EULAACCEPTED=YES"

Explanation of the switches:  
  • The switches in red are for the MSI file. The switches not in quotes are for the Installshield setup.exe 
  • /v is passing the switch commands to the MSI file. 
  • /w is an Installshield command line parameter. This parameter forces the installer to wait until the install is completed before exiting. 
  • /qn is telling the MSI file that this is a silent install of the Noah 4 System software. 
  • /L+*V(plus the path and log file name) Is telling the MSI file to create an installation log file that has verbose logging enabled. The + symbol means that the log file will append and will not overwrite the log file if the installation is run multiple times. 
  • /s is for the Installshield setup.exe to run silently 
  • EULAACCEPTED=YES Is the license agreement being accepted. 

Installation of the Noah Basic Modules – the above command for Noah System installation will install HIMSA modules, but if you need to install them separately, the information is provided:

Setup.exe --Passive --Modules=7

Explanation of the switches:

  • Setup.exe is referring to the setup.exe found in Installation\BasicModules
  • --Passive means the end user does not need to interact with the installation.
  • --Modules along with the specified ‘value’ instructs the Basic Module installer to install the modules specified by ‘value’ – see Table below: “Basic Modules Installation Values.”  The value “7” is the value for all the Basic Modules to install.
Basic Modules Installation Values:

 Value  Installed Basic Modules
 1   Noah 4 Audiogram Module
 2  NoahQuestionnaire
 3  Noah 4 Audiogram Module + NoahQuestionnaire
 4  NoahJournal
 5  NoahJournal + Noah 4 Audiogram Module
 6  NoahJournal + NoahQuestionnaire
 7  Noah 4 Audiogram Module + NoahQuestionnaire + NoahJournal


Uninstallation – The uninstallation command is provided for troubleshooting but uninstalling is not required to update from one version of Noah System to the next.

The general format for the uninstall of Noah System with uninstall switches is: 

setup.exe /v"/qn /L+*v %temp%\Noah4unInstall.log" /x /s

Explanation of the switches:
  • /x is for uninstall of Noah System 4

Repair – The Repair command is provided for troubleshooting

The general format for the reinstall of Noah System with the reinstall switches is below.

setup.exe /s /v"/qn /L+*v %temp%\Noah4Repair.log REINSTALL=ALL"