Using NOAHfit

  1. In the Noah main window, select a patient from the patient list.
  2. Click the NOAHfit button in the module bar. 
  3. The NOAHfit window contains the most recent entry for the client, if one exists. You can ONLY edit this entry if it was created on the same day. Otherwise, if you click on the data, a message appears, stating Editing this action is not allowed. Would you like to use this action as a basis to start a new fitting? Click Yes or No, as required.
  4. To create a new empty fitting, click the New Fitting icon - noahfit1.jpg.
  5. At Date of Fitting, use the pull-down menu to select a date of your choice.
  6. The pull-down menus at field windows keep track of past entries.
  7. Rename the User Definable 1 and User Definable 2 fields to keep track of other fitting details:

NOTE: Changing the field name has no effect on previously saved fittings.
    • Click Tools > Options.
    • Enter the new field names.
    • Click OK.
  1. When you have finished, click the Save icon - journal4.jpg.