NOAHlink Properties Program

Use the link below to download the latest version of the NOAHlink Properties Program.

Patch/UpdateDescriptionSizeMore InfoDownload
NOAHlink Properties Program and kernel upgradeSoftware v. 1.56.05
Kernel, v. 1.55.03
released Aug. 2013
12 MBInfoLink

Patches to previous NOAHlink Properties versions

Patch/UpdateDescriptionSizeMore InfoDownload
Laird/Ezurio Patch to fix 5 PM issueFor some older Laird/Ezurio adapters, NOAHlink loses its connection when the Bluetooth device has been connected to a PC for more than 30000 seconds (eight hours and twenty minutes).387 KBInfoLink
NOAHlink Hotfix (use this link)This hotfix solves an issue with the PWM protocol in NOAHlink V. MbInfoLink