Download the Audiogram Module

NOTE: A new version of the Audiogram Module is available which includes support for entering Impedance data, including tympanometry and acoustic reflex data. The new Audiogram Module requires Noah 4.8 or later, and is included in the Noah System 4.9 upgrade.


If you are using Noah 4.7 or earlier, you can still download the previous version of the Noah 4 Audiogram Module using the link in the table below. 

FileDescriptionSizeMore infoDownload
Noah 4 Audiogram Module 1.2.1 (823)This module was released in May 2018.
Note: Only for Noah 4.8 and later.
12.8 MBlinkLink
Noah 4 Audiogram Module 1.1.1 (558)This module was released in May 2016.
Note: For Noah 4.7 and earlier.
12.6 MBlinkLink