June 2020

ARM-based Windows 10 not supported

What does it mean that my fitting or measurement module is HIMSA certified?

HIMSA News on Holiday in July

May 2020

End of support for Noah System version 4.8 on May 31, 2020

April 2020

Can I use the Noah site license while I am out of the office?

March 2020


February 2020


Keeping Noah Up-to-Date


Upgrade Path for Unsupported Noah System Versions

January 2020


Looking Forward to 2020


Microsoft officially ends support for Windows 7

December 2019


2019 : Year in Review


Warning: Illegal Noahlink Wireless units on the market

November 2019


Time to move to Windows 10


How do I create a Template in the Noah Journal Module?

October 2019


All you need to know about Noah 4 compatible products


HIMSA Product Life Cycle and Platform Strategy document

September 2019


Help us Celebrate 25 Years of Noah at EUHA in Nuremberg


Noah User Access Levels

August 2019


Noahlink Wireless Status: Over 100,000 units sold!


End of support for Noah System version 4.7 on November 30, 2019

June 2019


Release Announcement: 4.12 Now Available for Download


What is the new icon in Noah System 4.12?


HIMSA News on Holiday in July

May 2019


Introducing the Noah Alert Dashboard


The Clock is Ticking on Microsoft Support for Windows 7

April 2019


Noah Mobile Technology: A Strong Foundation for Tele-Health Applications


What does it mean that my fitting or measurement module is HIMSA certified?

March 2019


Help us Celebrate 25 Years of Noah at AAA in Columbus


Merge Duplicate Patients Feature in Noah

February 2019


SHOEBOX and Noah Mobile Technology: Thinking Outside of the Booth™


Changes in the Noah Console for version 4.10

January 2019


Celebrating 25 Years of Noah


Encrypting Noah Exports

December 2018


Seasons Greetings from HIMSA


Look for the Certified Support Seal

November 2018


Noah 2019: Preparing for the Tele-Health Revolution


Review your Noah Database Backup Settings

October 2018


Fond Farewell to Managing Director Niels Munksgaard


What is a database Restore and when would I use it?

September 2018


Using Noah 4.6 or earlier? Six reasons to upgrade!


End of Support for Noah System 4.6 on November 30th, 2018

August 2018


Noahlink Wireless Status: Over 70000 units sold!


NOAHlink and the Microsoft Spring Update 1803 for Windows 10: Solution Now Available!

June 2018


GDPR: Do I need to do anything special to continue using Noah System?


Windows Update Breaks Bluetooth Communication with NOAHlink (Noahlink Wireless unaffected)

May 2018


Additional Security with Noah System 4.9


The Noah Activity Log

April 2018


Noah System 4.9 to be released next week


Four New Modules add Fast Data View Support

March 2018


Noah System 4.9 will offer support for Microsoft Directory Services


End of Support for Noah System 4.5 and 4.5.1 on May 31st, 2018

January 2018

  GDPR is almost here … and so is Noah 4.9!
  Patient Database and Export Encryption

December 2017

  Noahlink Wireless: Announcing New Manufacturer Support
  End of Support for Noah System 4.4, upgrade to Noah 4.8 today!

November 2017

  Noahlink Wireless Status: Over 55000 units already sold!
  Important Announcement: Re-release of Noah System 4.8

October 2017

  Noah System 4.8 Now Released
  Noah 4 Audiogram Module – now with Immittance data!

September 2017

  Otohub and Noah Mobile: Connect with your patients, anywhere, anytime
  Merge Duplicate Patients Feature in Noah System 4.8

August 2017

  New Noah modules certified for Noahlink Wireless!
  Are you familiar with the Noah Patient Category feature?

June 2017

  What is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?
  HIMSA follows Microsoft’s lead in ending support for Windows Vista on June 30th 2017

May 2017

  Noah Audiogram Module – Beta Test now complete
  Printed Report Configuration for Noah System and Noah Basic modules

April 2017

  Noah Audiogram Module – Beta release now available
  First certified Noahlink Wireless modules have arrived!

March 2017

  Wireless hearing care has come of age
  Setting up Noahlink Wireless

February 2017

  Upcoming HIMSA Events
  How quickly can you find ‘need to know’ data for your patients in Noah?

January 2017

  Release Announcement: Noah Journal Module with template functionality!
  Happy New Year and thanks for 2016

December 2016

  Noah Audiogram Module – beta test on the way
  Seasons Greetings from HIMSA

November 2016

  Release Announcement: Noah System 4.7
  Unique Noah module simplifies the provisioning of captioned telephones

October 2016

  Noah 4.7: Time to Upgrade Your Noah System?
  What is the best way to merge duplicate patients in the Noah database?

September 2016

  Releases to look forward to in 2016
  Copying and carrying forward saved measurement data with the Noah 4 Audiogram Module

August 2016

  HIMSA announces the release of Noahlink Wireless
  New version of the Noah Questionnaire Module now available

June 2016

  New Noah Module/Mobile App: Auditory Implant Initiative
  HIMSA News on holiday in July

May 2016

  Release Announcement: Noah System 4.6
  Have you tried the Noah 4 Audiogram Module?

April 2016

  AudiologyNOW Report: What is Noah Mobile?
  Setting the Noah Audiogram to display up to 16kHz

March 2016

  First Noah Mobile App now certified!
  Windows 10 upgrades and unsupported versions of Noah 4

February 2016

  Questionnaire Module puts evidence-based care a click away
  Why is the password box greyed out after I enabled the login system in Noah?

January 2016

  New additions to the Noah Learning Center!
  Use the HIPAA Log to automatically record Noah activity

December 2015

  HIMSA 2015 - Year in Review
  Noah 4.3 End of Support: Upgrade to Noah 4.5 for free!
  Seasons Greetings from HIMSA

November 2015

  New Noah 4 Questionnaire Module now available for download!
  Noah System 4.5 now available for download
  Launching Noah Modules from your Desktop

October 2015

  Windows 10 Status: Certified Noah Modules now available!
  Noah Tutorials, Training and Tips at the Noah Learning Center
  Noah 4 Audiogram to be installed with Noah System 4.5

September 2015

  How to use Noah Patient Categories
  Best Practice for using your Noah site license

August 2015

  Noah 4.4 and NOAHlink officially supported on Windows 10!
  How do I move Noah 4 to a new computer or new server?

June 2015

  Getting Ready for Windows 10!
  Is your Laptop Security Compliant?
  Audiology professionals: Learn about Noah and earn CEU credits!
  HIMSA News on Holiday in July

  May 2015

  Four more easy ways to help protect your patient data
  Can ‘Print to File’ save you time?

  April 2015

  A simple way to start securing your Noah patient data
  AudiologyNOW! Report: Yes, the Noah System 4 upgrade really is free!
  Microsoft announces end of support for Windows Server 2003

  March 2015

  New Noah Journal Module - Now available for download!
  Sharing a single Noah Database for your practice – part 3 of 3

  February 2015

  Journal Module Beta – The Results are in!
  Sharing a single Noah Database for your practice – part 2
  Did you know you can search Journal entries across your entire Noah database?

  January 2015

  Sharing a single Noah Database for your practice – part 1
  Periodically remove outdated and accumulating Noah backup files

December 2014

  New Noah Journal Module - beta release in January!
  Protect your patient data! Enable the Noah login system
  Seasons Greetings from HIMSA

November 2014

  All you need to know about Noah 4 compatible products
  Activity logging in Noah System

October 2014

  What’s new with HIMSA’s new Noah Audiogram Module?
  NOAHlink Warning: Illegal NOAHlink units on the market

September 2014

  Audiogram Module is officially released!
  Noah System 4.4 – updated release
  Attending EUHA? Stop by for an espresso!

August 2014

  Choosing the best Noah 4 computer for your office needs
  New Security Features in Noah 4.4

June 2014

  Audiogram Module Beta II – the results are in!
  User Story: Colita MacTavish is on a mission
  HIMSA News on Holiday in July

May 2014

  Audiogram Module – Beta 2 Release now available
  Have you tried the Noah 4.4 Category feature yet?

April 2014

  Audiogram Module well received at AudiologyNOW!
  Which versions of Noah 4 are still supported?

March 2014

  Upgrade your Noah System: It’s free, easy and well worth it!
  Final Reminder: HIMSA ending support for Windows XP on April 8th 2014

February 2014

  Audiogram Module – Beta 2 is on the way!
  Noah 4.4 Printed Report Customization

January 2014

  Noah System 4.4 now available for download!
  Happy New Year and thanks for an excellent 2013
  Keep your Noah data secure: Upgrade Windows XP

December 2013

  Thanks for a Successful NUG Survey – Kasia receives an early Christmas present
  Get ready for the Noah Information channel in Noah 4.4
  Season's Greetings from HIMSA

November 2013

  Noah System 4.4 Final Release Testing
  Can you help us decide the future of Noah?
  HIMSA follows Microsoft’s lead in ending support for Windows XP on April 8th 2014

October 2013

  Future Features Series: Customizable Data Fields
  Results of the ENT News / NOAHlink Competition
  Noah System 4 and Windows 8.1

September 2013

  Future Features Series: Patient Categories
  Come See Noah 4.4 at the Trade Shows!
  Final Reminder: NOAH 3 Support Ends October 1st

August 2013

  Status Update: Audiogram Module beta period extended
  Measurement Solution Series: Noah and Otometrics offer the power of integration
  Reminder: End Date for NOAH 3 Support in September

June 2013

  Future Features Series: New Advanced Search Options
  Support Tip: Cloud Storage for your Noah System Backups
  HIMSA News on Holiday in July

May 2013

  Future Features Series: Noah News Feed
  Annette Limberger: Professor, NUG Member and IPad Winner
  NOAHlink celebrating its 10 year birthday!

April 2013

  Noah on a Tablet? The future is Now!
  HIMSA Sets End Dates for NOAH 3/XP Support
  Did you know?:  Noah 4 provides COSI and APHAB Questionnaires


March 2013

  Noah 4 reaches the 10000 milestone!
  Introducing the New Audiogram Module - Simple and Effective
  Support Tip: Windows 8 Shortcuts


February 2013

  Need Great Noah Support? Look for the Certified Support Seal!
  The new Audiogram Module on display at AudiologyNOW!
  Support Tip: NOAHlink Connectivity Issues


January 2013

  2012 – The Year in Review
  Start Spreading the News!
  Noah 4 Tutorial Videos are available on the HIMSA website!


December 2012

  Finding the Noah modules you need
  Considering the purchase of a Windows 8 computer?
  Seasons Greetings from HIMSA


November 2012

Can Noah interface to your electronic medical records (EMR) or Practice Management system?
  Hans Anders: Pioneer in low prices - and Noah Web Service Integration
  Did you know you can attach files to a Noah 4 Journal entry?


October 2012

Release Announcement: Noah System 4.3 now available for download!
  Why I joined the Noah User Group (NUG)
  Support Tip: The Noah 4 Backup Scheduler


September 2012

Noah System 4.3 on target for October Release!
  The First NUG Survey – Incredible Response and One Lucky iPad Winner
  Come See Us at the Trade Shows!
  A Free Noah 4 Upgrade?


August 2012

Windows 8 Support on the Way!
  Noah 4 User Story: Sven Larsen
  Noah 4 features for HIPAA security compliance


June 2012

Easily upgrade for the latest improvements
  Noah 4 User Story: Tina Kenney, HIS
  Save a click or two – use Noah 4!


May 2012

New Noah Update Available!
  Be a NUG, join the Noah User Group
  NOAH System 3 Licenses no longer sold after June 30th
  Noah 4 Advanced Search


April 2012

User Story: Debbie and Noah 4, One Year Later
  Noah 4 Status Report
  Noah 4 Software Update Feature
  Noah 4 Certified Products - April 2012


March 2012

Noah 4 Status Report
  HIMSA at AudiologyNOW!
  Two New HIMSA Member Companies
  Noah 4 Patient Report
  Noah 4 Certified Products