2012 – The Year in Review

 by Product Manager Søren Kristensen


Let me start by saying Happy New Year to all Noah users, supporters and member companies worldwide. It has been a pleasure working with you in 2012 and I look forward to more cooperation in 2013.

The year 2012 was in many ways a milestone year for HIMSA and the Noah software. In this article I would like to take a look back at the exciting events from 2012.


The Noah User Group (NUG)

Arguably the most important event for 2012 was not a change to the Noah software but a change in the way we develop it!

Last February, HIMSA hired Kim Madsen with one main purpose: To get Noah users involved.
So far, Kim and NUG has been a fantastic success.

With online surveys and focus groups, Kim has provided Noah users with a direct connection to

HIMSA, letting us know what they need in their Noah software. And it really has been an eye opener. We have already added several smaller feature suggestions in Noah – such as configurable print headers, software update features and collapsible patient lists – and there are plenty more to come.

As the Noah Product Manager, I feel NUG is a fantastic way to help ensure that our software meets the needs of the people who rely on it. So if you haven’t already joined NUG, please do so by clicking here.


Noah Integration with WSI

2012 was also the year we introduced WSI, or Web Service Integration.
WSI is an excellent complement to fully-integrated Noah-compatible business systems, making a more simplified way for companies to integrate Noah data with their own Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.

For example, a hospital could create a web interface to automatically transfer Noah audiograms to their own proprietary record system. Or a practice management system can create a web interface between Noah and their own product.

For more information on WSI, as well as a link to an informative user story, click here.


New Noah Audiogram Module in Beta Release

The new Noah Audiogram Module has also come a long way in 2012, and is already in beta testing. In fact, several NUG members have already had an opportunity to view the new module and more are on the way.

As with Noah 4, the key features of the Audiogram Module are usability and efficiency.
The module provide a simplified interface with easy one-click access to all commonly used features, as well as providing a complete overview of all important audiogram-related information.

The Audiogram Module is on target for release in April of this year.


Noah ready and waiting for Windows 8

There is nothing worse than buying a new computer with the latest Windows then having to wait until your software can run on it. That is why we made a big effort to ensure Noah System 4 was ready before Windows 8 was released.

The Windows 8 module certification process is also ready to go. The following six Noah modules have already been certified for Noah 4 and Windows 8 and more are on their way:

  • Interacoustics Diagnostic Suite
  • Oticon Genie
  • Oticon AudigyFit
  • Phonak Target
  • SeboTek ProVES
  • Unitron TrueFit

Looking forward to 2013

2013 promises to be even more exciting, as we continue evolving the Noah software.
Stay tuned to our newsletter in 2013 for more news and information on HIMSA and HIMSA products.