Additional Security with Noah System 4.9

   by Scott Peterson, V.P. of New Product Development


In previous newsletter articles, we have described the major new security features in Noah 4.9, including Active Directory support, database encryption, export encryption and the enhanced activity log tool.

However there are two additional security changes worth noting, that may affect the way hearing care professionals use Noah.


Noah Users are now prevented from editing actions created by another user

In Noah System 4.9, Noah users are prevented from editing actions created by a different Noah user. This will ensure that any changes are assigned to the user that made them and maintain the integrity of the patient record.

For example, if Noah user A enters and saves a Journal Module entry into Noah, Noah user B cannot edit that entry. If changes need to be made, User B can choose Copy and make changes to the existing entry, or choose New and enter a new Journal. In this case Edit will not be presented as an option.


Noah users are now logged out when Noah is closed

With increased data security regulations, it is important for hearing care professionals to know that others do not have access to their Noah account when they are away from their computer.

Therefore, starting with Noah System 4.9, Noah users will be logged out whenever the Noah System software is closed.

In addition, all Noah modules will also need to be closed before closing Noah, providing an extra layer of security.