Audiogram Module is officially released!

 by Scott Peterson, V.P. of New Product Development


The Noah 4 Audiogram Module has now been officially released, and is available for download from the HIMSA download site.

The Audiogram Module was designed based on feedback from Noah users. Like the Noah System 4 software, it includes a more simplified interface, while providing quick one-click access to the features you use on a daily basis.

“We found out which features were used by Noah users on a daily basis,” said Scott Peterson, V.P. of New Product Development. “Then we put these features directly on the main screen, only a click away.”

For example, you can compare two audiograms with a single click. Or add a speech spectrum underlay for the audiogram from a pull-down menu on the main screen.

Additional features include:

  • A configurable Pure Tone Average feature
  • The ability to add, edit, delete and order tests in your test lists
  • easy switching between phones and insert phones
  • easily copy your audiogram from one ear to the other
  • configurable print reports

We hope you enjoy the new Audiogram Module and we encourage you to keep your feedback coming. We are always grateful for your input.

And if you enter Impedance data into Noah, please let us know!

The Noah 4 Audiogram Module does not currently support the entry of Impedance data. HIMSA is considering adding Impedance data entry to a future version of the module.