Can Noah interface to your electronic medical records (EMR) or Practice Management system?

 by Product Manager Søren Kristensen


As more businesses move more towards paperless solutions, HIMSA continues to receive many requests from Noah users regarding integrating Noah data with their EMR or practice management system.

Hospitals want to integrate Noah data directly into their hospital-wide record systems. Retail chains like Hans Anders (see the newsletter feature story) would like to save Noah data directly in their company-wide record systems. And EMR system providers would like to provide an easier integrated solution for their customers as well.

Based on feedback from user groups, individuals and organizations, HIMSA has devised a new simpler method for allowing these companies to integrate Noah data to meet these users' needs. We call it web service integration, or WSI.


How WSI works

The WSI feature allows Noah to automatically transfer patient data directly to an EMR system.

For example, when you enter an audiogram into Noah, this data would be automatically sent to the EMR system when you save the audiogram. The EMR system can also create new patients in Noah as well. This means that you would no longer need to enter patient data twice in two different software systems.


Does WSI work with any EMR System?

With WSI, Noah provides a HIMSA Service interface for sending Noah data to any EMR system. However, it is also necessary for the EMR system to provide its own service to receive the Noah data, and store it properly in its own system.

In order to make this WSI service, a company must join HIMSA as a WSI member. Here is a full list of our WSI members who offer EMR products.


Is your EMR provider not in our list?

HIMSA welcomes EMR providers to contact us about WSI membership. So contact your EMR provider today and ask them about providing a Noah web service interface.

HIMSA members can also provide Practice Management solutions with built-in Noah functionality. For more information on Noah Business System providers, click here.