Copying and carrying forward saved measurement data with the Noah 4 Audiogram Module

  by Support Specialist Ann Monnens

With some patients I don’t have the option to Copy my audiogram when I’m using the Noah 4 Audiogram Module, I only have the option to add New. Why is this happening?


This feature is by design. With the Noah 4 Audiogram Module we no longer support copying and carrying forward measurement data created by other modules. This is an effort to have data with the greatest integrity possible saved to the Noah database. 

Many measurement modules offer more sophisticated tests than our more basic Audiogram Module is designed to read. Also, since the data was created originally by another module, we assume that this module will be better suited to edit the data.

If the saved audiometric data was created by the NOAHaud 3 module or the Noah 4 Audiogram Module, we do carry the data forward and allow it to be copied, edited, and saved again. In that case you will see these options: