First certified Noahlink Wireless modules have arrived!

 by Arild Rasmussen, Project Director 

HIMSA announces the first certified modules for use with the Noahlink Wireless programming interface.


Noahlink Wireless is a new industry-standard programming interface based on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard. This means that Noahlink Wireless can provide wireless programming between a Noah fitting module on your computer and BLE enabled hearing instruments.

As of April 27th, the following Noah fitting modules are now certified for use with Noahlink Wireless:

  • Beltone Solus Max
  • GN ReSound Smart fit
  • Sivantos CONNEXX Eight
You can always see an updated list of Noahlink Wireless certified modules on the HIMSA website. If the Noahlink Wireless logo appears next to a fitting module, the module has been certified for use with Noahlink Wireless.