Four New Modules add Fast Data View Support

  by Ann Monnens, Support Specialist


HIMSA is pleased to announce that the Starkey Inspire OS, Oticon Genie 2, Bernafon Oasis NXT and Sonic ExpressFit Pro fitting modules have all now added Fast Data View support.

Fast Data View, available in Noah 4.7 and later, allows hearing care professionals to quickly access import patient information without opening a Noah module.

A professional can simply click on the eye icon next to an Inspire OS, Genie 2, Oasis NXT or ExpressFit Pro action. The module will then display a summary report of the patient session. This data can include memory settings, receiver type, volume settings, warranty and more.




You can also see the Fast Data view feature in action with HIMSA’s latest Journal Module. The eye icon by a Journal Module action indicates there is a fast data view available.

For more information on Fast Data View, visit the Learning Center in the Noah 4 Support Knowledgebase.