Have you tried the Noah 4 Audiogram Module?

  by Support Specialist Ann Monnens


As locations have updated to the latest version of Noah over the last six months, many are getting their first introduction to the Noah 4 Audiogram Module. The Audiogram Module has been available for download on the HIMSA website since its release in September 2014, but has only been installed with Noah since late last year.

The Noah 4 Audiogram Module replaces the NOAHaud 3 module, but you do have the option to have both modules installed and displayed on the module bar if desired.

Important new features include:

The ability to save the test with Insert Phones as well as Phones:

The ability to enter a new audiogram or edit an existing audiogram and record the actual Date of Evaluation:

In addition you can configure a custom header for the Audiogram Module report, and you can compare the current audiogram to another with a single click. 

Update to Noah 4.6 and see the Noah 4 Audiogram Module for yourself!