Journal Module Beta – The Results are in!

 by Project Director Arild Rasmussen

HIMSA would like to thank the 40+ users who took the time to download the new Journal Module last month as part of the Journal Module beta test.  

HIMSA redesigned the Journal Module so it functions in the same familiar and intuitive way as your other Noah 4 software. We also added requested features such as patient switching and print report configuration.

Here are some of the most interesting results of our beta test survey.

Is the new Journal Module really more intuitive?

At HIMSA, we believe the new Journal Module is easier to use. Our beta testers seem to agree.

For those already using the Journal Module, all respondents agreed that they preferred the new beta version and 40 percent plan to use the module more in the future.

Switching patients without closing the module

One of the most welcome features in the new beta version is the ability to switch patients without leaving the Journal Module and returning to Noah.

Three out of four survey respondents found this an important time-saving feature when working with their patient records.

Better printed reports

According to our survey, 63 percent of users rely on the Journal Module printed reports for a variety of purposes. For these users, HIMSA added two important new print features.

Over half the respondents were pleased to find out that the new Journal Module allows them to print multiple journal entries for a patient in a single report.

In addition, the new Journal Module allows you to configure the print report with a company header, patient information and a digital signature. Over 60 percent of respondents found this to be an important tool for their practice.  

Managing journal entries

Many Noah users enter journal entries in a variety of Noah fitting and measurement modules. It can therefore be difficult sometimes to see which module created which journal entry.  

The new Journal Module helps solve this problem with a new filtering feature, to help manage journal entries from a variety of Noah modules.  

Essential defect reports

Arguably, the most important purpose for running a beta testing is to find and fix the small errors that slip through the cracks. There may also be a number of usability issues that can first be brought to light by Noah users in real work situations.  

Journal Module beta testers have provided us with excellent feedback on this as well. This will allow us to solve these remaining issues in time for the official release next month.

Once again, we would like to thank all our NUGs and Noah users for their help with our beta testing.

Stay tuned to HIMSA News for more information on the official release of the new Journal Module.