Measurement Solution Series: Noah and Otometrics offer the power of integration

In this series, HIMSA will feature Noah compatible measurement options for your practice. This month  we explore Otometrics software and devices.

Otometrics’ solutions are far more than just individual pieces of equipment. They are designed to be part of a unique, integrated and modular clinical set-up. OTOsuite software connects all the units allowing you to transition seamlessly from video otoscopy, to audiometry, clinical OAEs, tympanometry, probe microphone measurements and beyond. Print any number of customized reports and store the results in Noah.

This data exchange feature eliminates or minimizes the need for manual entry, therefore reducing user error and ultimately saving time for both the professional and the patient/client. At sites that provide both diagnostics and fitting, the diagnostics (such as audiometry and immittance) are carried out in different rooms than the fitting so data exchange and integration are critical. Audiometry is essential input for hearing instrument fitting, so audiograms created from a MADSEN Astera², AURICAL Aud or even a non-Otometrics product must be fed through to the seat where fitting takes place.

OTOsuite software controls AURICAL in the fitting/verification process as well as the hearing aid manufacturers’ software and shares seamlessly fundamental information ensuring quality and efficiency. Noah and its data integration are equally important in non-fitting settings where other clinical data such as otoacoustic emissions and immittance can be easily collected, stored and shared.

According to Randa Mansour-Shousher, an audiologist at Northwest Ohio Hearing Clinic:

“It’s nice to have all the information in one location. We can take the information from the tests and go through Noah, and it floats from the sound booth and into the office where we continue on with the hearing aid dispensing program”.

 Watch the video with Randa-Mansour-Shouser and find out more information about OTOsuite software: