Need Great Noah Support? Look for the Certified Support Seal!

 by Product Manager Søren Kristensen


In our recent Noah User Group (NUG) surveys, users made it clear that the quality of Noah and NOAHlink support can vary greatly.

Many users were very pleased with the expertise of their Noah support rep and clearly let us know. Some users, however, had a less than satisfactory experience with their Noah support. They felt that their Noah distributor lacked important knowledge on how to help them with their problem.

For this reason, HIMSA established the Certified HIMSA Products Support Engineer training program.



What is Certified Support?

The Certified Support Engineer program provides Noah and NOAHlink support representatives with complete online training. It includes 17 training modules with over 7 hours of coursework as well as mandatory quizzes.

When you see the certified support logo next to your distributor, you can rest assured that they have a solid foundation of HIMSA support training.

HIMSA distributors like it too

However, it’s not just Noah users that benefit from Certified Support. HIMSA distributors appreciate the training as well.

“Thanks. It feels good to be certified,” said Adam Kraska from Bernafon Australia. “Besides, doing the course leading to the certification, it helped me to organize my knowledge of NOAH 3 and 4 in a more structured way ”

Veerle De Feyter from Phonak Belgium agrees.

“It took me sometimes a big effort and it wasn’t always easy but I’ve learned a lot and I’m so happy to have the certificate,” said De Feyter. “This is also a big service for our clients, having two audiologists who are certified as HIMSA Products Support Engineer. Thank you and your team also for the online training and support."

Look for the seal

As a result of the value that the HIMSA Online Support Training program has provided, HIMSA will soon begin requiring all distributors of Noah and NOAHlink to have at least one support person completed with the online training program. This will help ensure a high level of quality of support service worldwide.

In the meantime, if you need to buy Noah System or NOAHlink check our website for a distributor in your country. And be sure to look for the certified support seal.