New Noah Journal Module - Now available for download!

 by Project Director Arild Rasmussen


After a successful beta test, the new Noah Journal Module is now ready for download.

The Journal Module has received a major overhaul, for better stability and compatibility with Noah System 4 and Noah 4 modules. Here are some of the improvements that you can look forward to.




Common module design

HIMSA has redesigned the Noah Journal Module using the same design team as the Audiogram Module. This means that the module will operate in the same familiar and intuitive way as your other Noah software.


New Journal Entry Filter

In Noah, fitting and measurement modules also have the ability to create journal entries. It can therefore be difficult sometimes to see which module created the original journal entry.


The new Journal Module will clearly display which Noah module created each entry for your patient. You will also be able to filter, so that only journal entries created by selected modules will be shown.

Configurable print reports

The new Journal Module uses the same print report features as the Noah Audiogram Module and Noah System. Not only can you have your business name and logo on the report header, you can also choose up to eight demographic fields you would like to display on the report.
Below is an example of a Journal report header:

The new print report also allows you to print multiple journal entries on the same page – not just one page per entry.

Quick patient switching

The Journal Module now functions like other native Noah 4 modules. 
For example, you can start up the Journal Module directly from the desktop by double-clicking on the icon. You can then select or switch patients from within the Journal Module.


More data security

To comply with data security standards, the new Journal Module will ensure that Journal entries cannot be deleted from within the module. This small change provides an important extra level of data security for your patient records.

Help us help you

We hope you enjoy the new Journal Module and we encourage you to keep your feedback coming. We are always grateful for your input.

And if you are in San Antonio for AudiologyNOW!, you are welcome to stop by the HIMSA booth (250) for a demonstration.