New Security Features in Noah 4.4

  by Support Specialist Ann Monnens


Noah System 4.4 has new security features that offer greater protection for your patient data stored in Noah. The new features offer increased layers of protection but the most basic key to patient data security in Noah is of course to create and use unique user accounts for all users of Noah!

Complex passwords – Passwords provide the first line of defense against unauthorized access of your patient database. Noah 4.4 can be set to require each user have a complex or strong password to log in to Noah.

Password Hashing - Once Noah users and passwords have been created and stored in the Noah database, the passwords are hashed so they are not viewable in the database tables even to system administrators.

Transmission Encryption – In Noah 4.4 all data generated in a Noah session including patient data, Noah user data, measurement and fitting data is encrypted as it is passed between the Noah client and the Noah server applications.

Take some time to explore Noah 4.4’s security options in the Console under User Administration. The User List tab is where you create your Noah account, the Security tab allows you to enable the login system and to require strong passwords.