Noah 4.4 and NOAHlink officially supported on Windows 10!

 by Project Director Arild Rasmussen

As promised in our June newsletter, HIMSA has now tested Noah System 4.4 and the NOAHlink programming interface on Windows 10.

The testing has gone well and HIMSA now supports Noah 4.4 and Noahlink on Windows 10.

Important: Noah System 4.4 is tested and compatible with Windows 10 but older versions of Noah have not been tested. If you plan to update to Windows 10 be sure to update your Noah to version 4.4 first.

An important note for Noahlink, the Windows 10 installation updates Bluetooth on the computer. You may need to use the NOAHlink Pairing Wizard to pair your NOAHlink again after you perform the upgrade.

In the coming months, HIMSA will begin certifying Noah modules for the Windows 10 platform.

If your Noah modules are not yet certified by HIMSA for Windows 10, contact the manufacturers to ensure their software offers Windows 10 support before you make the upgrade. In addition, make sure that any other audiological equipment you rely on will also run on Windows 10.

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