Noah 4 Status Report - March 2012

 by Product Manager Søren Kristensen


The New Year has brought a lot of exciting additions to Noah System 4 and the months to come will continue the trend. In this article I will attempt to fill you in on the most exciting additions to Noah 4, as well as some of the upcoming projects we have in store.

Noah System 4 Growing Strong

First, I am happy to say that the number of Noah System 4 continues to grow as more and more users discover the improved usability and stability of our new software version. Over 4000 Noah 4 licenses have already been registered as of this month.

Noah System 4.2 Released

January brought the release of Noah System 4.2. The main goal of version 4.2 is to fine tune Noah System. For example, based on user feedback we have improved the options for setting up the header field on Noah print reports, as well as providing an easier way to hide the patient list when working with a patient.

We've also included the web service interface in Noah System 4.2, making it easier for companies to integrate Noah data into their own Patient Medical Record (PMR) systems. 

The Future Noah Audiogram Module

After over 10 years, it is finally time to give the extremely popular NOAHaud 3 module an extreme makeover.

We have been working closely with user interface specialist UID and Noah users to find out which of the many functions are used and which are not. Based on this feedback, we are creating a new Audiogram Module where all the features you need for your daily tasks are only a single click away ... just like in Noah System 4.

If you happen to be at AudiologyNOW! in Boston, stop by our stand for a quick preview of the new screen design.

Help Us Help You

In the near future, we will be asking Noah users to take a look at our new Audiogram Module design and give us their impressions. And this is just the first step. HIMSA is looking to form a more permanent user group to ensure that Noah continues to meet the needs of hearing care professionals.

Interested in participating? We'd be happy to have you. Stay tuned for more information in next month's newsletter.