Future Features Series: Patient Categories

 by Product Manager Søren Kristensen


Thanks to the Noah User Group (NUG), HIMSA has received lots of feedback on exciting new features and improvements to add to future versions of Noah System and Noah basic modules.

In the coming months we would like to introduce you to these features that you can look forward to, thanks to our NUG members.

This month’s future feature is: Patient Categories.

The Feedback

Many NUG members have asked us for a feature which allows them to quickly locate specific categories of patients for evaluation or marketing purposes.

For example, some want to easily locate a group for patients living in a specific area or location, such as a nursing home. This would allow them to quickly export these patients to their laptop computer.

Some NUGs have also requested a feature to group patients with specific jobs or activities. This would allow them to effectively tailor their marketing to these individuals.

The Solution

Based on these suggestions, HIMSA plans to add a new and comprehensive patient category feature in a future Noah release. While the design is not yet finished, it will almost definitely contain the following functionality.

Unlimited category creation: The new feature would allow you to easily create all the patient categories you need in Noah. And Noah will allow you to edit, order and delete categories as necessary, based on your practice’s needs.


Adding patients to multiple categories: Once a category has been created, it will also be easy to add a patient to it using the Edit Patient screen. Even better, you will be able to add a patient to as many categories as necessary. A patient’s details screen will clearly show to which categories the selected patient belongs.


Displaying all patients in a category: Simply choose the category you want in Advanced Search. All members of the chosen patient category will then be displayed in the search results list.


Exporting a category’s patients: Once you have a list of patients for a category, you can then export them as normal using the Noah export feature. Simply choose all the patients in the list and choose export. You can then export them to a laptop for off-site use or to comma-separated file for use in third-party software.

Patient Categories are only one of many great suggestions from our NUG members. If you want to be a part of NUG, click here for more information.

And stay tuned for more future features in the next HIMSA newsletter.