Noah on a Tablet? The future is Now!

 by Market Communication Manager James LaBranche


Have you always dreamed of using Noah on a Tablet PC? Well you don’t need to wait any longer.

At this year’s AudiologyNOW! conference, many visitors to the HIMSA booth were surprised to see Noah 4 running on a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet.



With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has included complete support for tablet PCs. That means that Noah users can now install Noah System 4.3 and Windows 8-certified Noah modules on any tablet that runs a full version of Windows 8.

Keep in mind however, that tablet must run Windows 8 Pro. The Windows RT version only supports tablet apps, and NOT normal Windows programs such as Noah and Noah modules.

Touch Noah

No keyboard?

Windows 8 also provides touch support for PC programs running on the tablet. That means you can select your patients or enter patient data with a touch of your finger.

Or you can enter data the old fashioned way.

Nearly all Windows 8 tablets also provide a Bluetooth keyboard option as well, turning the tablet into a lightweight laptop.

Knowing the Limitations

The high screen resolution of Windows 8 tablets makes them a serious option for hearing care professionals who desire a more mobile Noah option. 

However, before you purchase a Windows 8 tablet, it is important to know the limitations of using Noah on a 10-inch touch screen.

Even though the screen resolution meets Noah requirements , the size of the screen can make Noah and Noah modules difficult to work with during daily use. Text can be difficult to read and it will be difficult to accurately use touch input.

We therefore suggest that you try before you buy. Visit your local retailer for a test drive.

If your eyesight is strong and your fingers small, it may be the mobile Noah solution you've been waiting for.