NOAH System 3 Licenses no longer sold after June 30th

As I mentioned in our earlier newsletter, HIMSA will stop selling NOAH System 3 user licenses to our distributors on June 30th 2012.

Noah System 4 has now been on the market for over a year and has proven to be highly stable. In fact, on modern Windows operating systems, Noah 4 provides much improved stability, better networking and improved usability over its predecessor, NOAH System 3. And the upgrade is easy as well.

Put simply, there is no reason to wait. Noah System 4 is easier to use and for current NOAH System 3 license owners, the upgrade to Noah 4 is free.

If your audiometer software opens in Noah, we also recommend you check with the audiometer manufacturer to make sure their software is compatible with Noah 4 before making the upgrade. To see a full list of Noah 4 certified modules, click here.

Don’t wait until the last minute, upgrade to Noah 4 today. To download the latest Noah System 4 version, click here.