Noah 4 Status Report - April 2012

 by Product Manager Søren Kristensen


April has been an exciting month for Noah 4. Since our last newsletter, Noah 4 has surpassed two important milestones. First, Noah 4 is now officially one year old and second, over 5000 installations now use Noah 4 software.

Pretty good results for only one year on the market.


Report from AudiologyNOW!

The HIMSA staff are now back from Audiology NOW! in Boston, where we had the opportunity to talk with hearing care professionals from around the world.

Noah 4 users who stopped by were very happy about the usability and stability of their Noah software. In fact, many large organizations are also in the final stages of preparing the switch to Noah 4 and plan to upgrade nationwide within the next couple of months.

On the other hand, many other NOAH 3 users didn’t know that Noah System 4 was available! They were excited when we told them that they could easily download and install the Noah System 4 upgrade today.

Please note the following though before upgrading. If you use a Noah-compatible office system, you must get your upgrades from the manufacturer. Also, if you use a Noah compatible audiometer, check with the audiometer manufacturer to be sure the software supports Noah 4.


Keeping Noah 4 up-to-date

Another important message at AudiologyNOW! was keeping up with the latest Noah System 4 updates.

Noah 4 has been so stable from the start that many users continue to use version 4.0. However, we highly recommend that all users take the time to upgrade to the latest version 4.2. That way, you are ensured of having all the newest features and fixes.

The upgrade, available on our website, is free and the installation takes under a half hour.


Be a NUG

Last but not least, AudiologyNOW! also marked the official announcement of the Noah User Group (NUG), and over 100 professionals have already signed on.

NUG is an excellent opportunity for Noah users to have a voice in how Noah 4 software evolves. And you are free to decide how much or how little you can participate.

Sound interesting? Click here for more information.


The Future of Noah

Here is a brief summary of events happening later this year.

First, keep in mind that HIMSA will stop distributing NOAH 3 user licenses as from July 1st 2012. So don’t wait until the last minute, upgrade to Noah 4 today.

Also, you may have heard that Microsoft has plans to release Windows 8 this September. Rest assured that as a Microsoft partner, we are committed to have Noah System 4 ready for the Windows 8 release. In fact we have already started testing Noah 4 on early Windows 8 beta software. Please note that NOAH 3 is known not to function on Windows 8 and there are no plans to support it.

And finally, the Noah 4 Audiogram Module project mentioned in the last newsletter remains on schedule. We look forward to presenting a preview of the module to our NUG members in the months ahead.

See you next month!